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A little about me 

Discovering Yoga in my teenage years was the antidote I needed during a time that was personally filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Yoga immediately soothed me, brought me clarity, untangled a busy mind and a stressed body.

It continues to be my fail-safe, a calming influence, my favourite mode of movement and most dependable form of meditation, allowing my often whirring mind to slow. 

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My passion for teaching 

I've seen how Yoga can change physical health, enable a transformative change in the mind and importantly restore balance. The bombardment of stressors, information and misinformation overload in our current climate has resulted in overstimulating our nervous systems and leading to a stress and anxiety pandemic among other illness. We are losing our connection to ourself and the people and world around us and we are becoming desensitised.  

Yoga is a way of guiding us back to simplicity, connecting us back to our bodies and to the values in life that mean the most. 

 I believe we can achieve balance within and around us and create more connection in every sense,  through Yoga.  Through conscious movement, conscious breath, conscious rest and the cultivation of  presence. 

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Training and Experience

I am a 500hr certified Yoga Teacher and Breath work facilitator

  • 200hr Teacher Training Rishikesh Yogis Yoghishala

  • 300hr training Himalayan Yoga Teacher association

  • Breathwork Facilitator training with Breathing Space Wellness Michael Mccaffrey 

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