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Yoga for Pleasure

Finding pleasure is the fastest route to homeostasis - a state in which our bodies are balanced and feel good hormones are produced

Tasty quick to grab food, the many platforms of social media, tv and its many outlets can bring spurts of short lived pleasure, however the over indulgence or addiction of the above seems to be a narrowing of the things that bring you pleasure, where as happiness is an expansion of things that can bring you pleasure. It's just that the latter takes more work and the former is easier. Anything that creates high dopamine with little effort ( eating a whole tub of ice cream ) is something we should reign in a little. Of course enjoying life and indulging is important and has its place, but we should try to prioritise long term dopamine, where the feel good hormones match the effort put in.

The good news is -Yoga is a practice where every bit of feel good feeling is well earned!!

How to use this theme on our mats

It's simple really, bring more awareness to, embody, and revel in that good feeling felt in a certain stretch, posture, movement Whether the rolling of your neck feels releasing and pleasurable or if its the release of muscle tissue and the sense of openness you experience in your low lunge that feels good.

Maybe you notice how pleasurable slow connected breathing feels.

Our fingers are filled with neurotransmittors which help us create pathways to the brain. The lack of oxytocin (love hormone) so many of us have due to anxiety/stress - can be produced simply through touch. A long hug, and self neck massage, so many simple ways to bring our hormones, state of mind and physical body into more balance

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