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Yoga for Focus

How Yoga builds and sustains our ability to focus

Yoga has many forms, styles and expressions but a common thread is that in any class you might step into, it will be steered toward recentering our attention inward. Time on the mat is for tuning out from the outside world which predominantly consumes us. Sadly, we are all too often overstimulated and as a result, desensitized. But on the mat, we notice sensations, we become aware of our bodies and how good Yoga can feel. We notice how rewarding it feels to take an hour for yourself to disconnect from external noise and connect inward.

Stressors, bombardment of bad news, information and misinformation overload... it's just too much for our nervous systems to handle, we aren't built to take in this much and be this overwhelmed. However, sometimes it can't be avoided, all we can do is restore balance where possible. So let us allow our Yoga practice to do just that, an hour of meditation, training our brains and body to think and move mindfully as we find clear focus, and heightened awareness. Leaving our practice

with more clarity and conviction and calm.

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