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Mindful Movement 

Using breath and mindful movement to connect with the body, draw inward, and find a firmer hold on the calm that resides within us. The more we find this connection on the mat the more accessible this contentment will be off the mat, in our day to day. 

Stretch, Strengthen & Mobilise.

The interdependence of the three is key. Flexibility isn't functional without foundational muscle strength and vice versa. Range of motion and mobility in our body is the third element, allowing us to move freely and at ease so we can continue to do the activities and things we love in life, long into old age.  


Educate to Motivate 

Education can be the best motivation so I like to speak about the benefits and the ancient wisdom and roots of Yoga alongside modern revelations in anatomy, physiology and neurology. You will leave class feeling inspired and confident in your practice.


Rest & Relax 

Interweaved within class are moments of rest, with a deep guided relaxation to draw our class to an end. I emphasise the importance and power of finding more conscious moments of rest.

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Class Timetable

I hold Vinyasa Hatha Yoga classes, suitable for all, located in Berkshire and Wiltshire 



6:00-7:00pm - Shefford Village Hall



9:30-10:30am - Inkpen Village Hall

 2:40-3:30pm - Chair Yoga Kintbury

6:30-7:30pm - Chilton Foliat Hall



6-7pm Lambourn Walwyn Hall 



7-8pm - Inkpen Village Hall 

"Olivia creates a wonderfully calming atmosphere, encouraging you to explore your own boundaries and listen to your body. I find her classes incredibly relaxing. They're a little bit of me time every week and who doesn't need that. 


- Claire 

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